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What do you know about battery of car jump starters?

Sep 25, 2023

What do you know about battery of car jump starters?

Types of car battery jump starters

  1. Lead acids

(1) Traditional flat panel lead war batteries have the advantages of convenient price, durable storage, and high temperature safety. However, they also have the disadvantages of large volume, charging protection, and the inability to use dilute sulfur lines that are prone to liquid or dry failure at temperatures below 0.

(2) Winding battery: The advantages are cheap, compact and portable, safe at high temperatures, easy to use at temperatures below -10 , and long service life; The disadvantage is that the relative volume of the battery is relatively large and the functions are less than those of the battery

  1. Potassium dew subclass

(1) Composite battery: Its advantages are compact, visually appealing, multifunctional, portable, and long standby time; The disadvantages are that high temperatures can cause explosions, which cannot be used at low temperatures, the protection circuit is flexible, and the capacity cannot be too small. High quality products are expensive.

(2) Iron lithium battery: Its advantages are small and portable, reliable, long standby time, long service life, and more high-temperature resistance than composite batteries. It can be used at temperatures below -10 , but is unsafe at temperatures above 70 , and the protection circuit is complex The capacity is smaller than that of wound batteries, and the price is lower than that of composite batteries.

  1. Capacitors

Starting capacitor: Its advantages are small and portable, high discharge current, fast charging, and long service life. Its disadvantages are that high temperatures above 70 are not safe, the protection circuit is complex, the capacity is minimal, and the price is extremely expensive.

The car's starting power cannot be charged.

After comparing the types of above batteries, you will know which is best car jump starter for your car.


Reasons for not being able to charge your car.

  1. It is possible that the charging voltage is too low, resulting in the inability to charge.
  2. It is possible that the circuit protection board is damaged or has a short circuit that prevents charging.
  3. It is possible that a certain battery cell may be short circuited or damaged, resulting in the entire product being scrapped.


How to Handle if failure to Charge?

  1. Check if the data cable matches the phone or digital product. If it does not match, you can use a mobile phone or digital product to connect the original data cable to the startup power supply

Come on, this way it will be more adaptable.

  1. Check the quality of the adapter. If there are quality issues, you can contact the manufacturer to replace the adapter during the warranty period. If the warranty period is exceeded, you can purchase the same adapter,

Alternatively, use the data cable of the phone or the digital product itself to charge.


How many years can a car battery jump starter work?

-The battery of a typical car can last for about 3-5 years, and with good maintenance, it can use for more than 5 years. The lifespan of each brand's starting power supply varies.

What is the current required for the car jump starters?

Starting a car requires a current of 100 to 300 amperes, and the larger the engine displacement, the greater the starting current.