AMPROAD level 2 EV charger for home

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With AMPROAD Universal Level 1 & Level 2 EV Charger

AMPROAD electric vehicle charging station for fast charging

Multi AMP Rates Level 1 & Level 2 EV Charger

The AMPROAD iFlow is the ultimate one-size-fits-all EV Charger. With its adjustable amp rates of 10A, 16A, 24A, 32A, and 40A, you can easily choose the perfect amount of power for your electric vehicle (EV), regardless of whether the voltage is 110V or 220V, and Level 1 or Level 2 EV charger, and get back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible. Upgrade your charging experience today with the most versatile and convenient EV home charger on the market.

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AMPROAD level 2 EV charger in cold weather

Portable & Wall-Mounted Level 2 EV Charger

Never let a low EV battery slow you down. The AMPROAD iFlow P9 is a practical home EV charger for various scenarios. Its compact design enables easy storage in any space within your vehicle for on-the-go charging, and it can be easily installed at a convenient location in your home. The iFlow P9 EV home charger gives you the freedom to charge your electric vehicle whether you're on the road or at home. In other words, the AMPROAD level 1 & level 2 charger is perfect for those looking for EV chargers near me. Get the iFlow charge point charger and enjoy top-notch ease of EV charging and flexibility, anytime, anywhere.

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AMPROAD power your adventure with love

J1772 Charger & 14-50R Adapter Bundle

Unleash the full potential of your electric vehicle with the iFlow P9 portable EV charger, capable of delivering power from 10A to 40A. Its 14-50 plug is designed for 220V charging with a current above 16A. If you prefer level 1 charging at 110V and below 16A, and your power outlet uses a 5-15 plug, simply purchase the 14-50r adapter cord bundle with the Amproad iFlow P9 level 2 EV charger. Enjoy fast and efficient charging every time.
1 AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

$459.99 $359.99

Save $100.00

2 AMPROAD 110V adapter cord for level 2 EV charger

Adapter Cord Nema 5-15P to 14-50R For EV


What People Are Saying

built like a brick house !

“ I have a new Kia EV6 and I needed a charger that could make use of the full 40A current. This little guy does it, no problem!.”

Stephen L.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Solid Cable

“The cord is thick and never gets even remotely warm at full load,”

Selena G.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Amazing Price

"Work well for Mustang Mach-e, I use the 40-amp setting, which gives 25% faster charging than the Ford charger, which is 32 amps. The price is a steal for its quality "

Frankie K.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Buy it now

"I like the ability to adjust the charging amperage level if I want to charge slower or put less load on my breaker panel. "

Gregory K.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Work great for my hybrid

“ The charger is a Champion and plugs into the car with ease. I use it at home and also to bring with to charge on the road as needed”

Julia S.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Easy to use

“ I purchased this to keep with my VW ID4. The display is not large, but it’s easily viewable and gives you plenty of useful information.”

Terry W.

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Love it so much !

"I have to say I have never dealt with a company with better customer support and communication. I’m 100% satisfied and I am happy I did not pay hundreds more to buy a Level 2 charger from other brands"

Jack S. US

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger

Buy it now !

"Perfect L2 Charger for Toyota Rav4 Prime XSE Plug-in hybrid. This beast is super-solid and feels of very high quality."

John P. US

AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger