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What kind of battery is for high -power vehicles emergency car jump starter?

Sep 25, 2023

What kind of battery is for high -power vehicles emergency car jump starter?

What batteries do high -power vehicle emergency starting power supply? You need to first understand the classification of vehicle car jump starter power bank. Depending on the internal battery, the vehicle emergency power supply starter can be divided into lead -acid batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The emergency starting power supply of lead -acid batteries is large, and the same energy can be stored is large; the car jump starter portable of the lithium polymer battery is small, convenient, and portable, but you don't need to worry about its emergency startup ability.

The battery of the vehicle emergency starting power supply can be charged by electronic digital electrical appliances other than the vehicle emergency power supply. Vehicle emergency startup power supply is also known as multi -functional vehicle emergency startup mobile power supply. starting power supply, and combines with the current mobile power supply, which is more compact and portable.

The emergency startup power supply of the new car combines the advantages of traditional vehicle, but also charge mobile phones, tablets, laptops and vehicle supplies. The volume is similar to the volume of the mobile phone power supply. What kind of battery is more suitable for emergency home depot jump starter?

We know that there are many mobile power supply on the Internet claiming to start vehicles. Some riders suspect that the output current of the small mobile power supply is not enough. How can they drive the starting motivation? In fact, the principle of starting the vehicle with a mobile power supply is a bit different from the traditional way to help people cross the river.

The fire is bypassed the battery of the rescued vehicle, so the positive and negative connection mode cannot be used, otherwise the huge charging current will burn the equipment. The way to rescue the mobile power is to use the battery of the original car as a huge capacitor, and the mobile power can be charged for the battery. After the battery is loaded, the current required for startup can be generated when starting.

This is equivalent to releasing the power of the mobile power for a long time. The power consumption required for one start is very small. If the energy of the 10AH mobile power is theoretically transferred to the 60A battery, the battery can be charged from 0%SOC to 3%SOC, and the car battery charger jump starter will have the opportunity to start the vehicle.

In summary, the vehicle's emergency starting power should use a lithium polymer battery. The high -performance lithium polymer battery built in the vehicle emergency starting power cannot be compared with ordinary lead -acid batteries. Lead -acid battery battery is large and heavy, which is not conducive to carrying and use, and is not conducive to the application of life; the emergency starting power of the lithium polymer battery vehicle has a long service life, which can be charged 500 times.