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Key points for selecting a best portable jump starter

Oct 22, 2023

Key points for selecting a best portable jump starter

Emergency start power supplies(jump starter for vehicles can be used not only as regular power banks but, more importantly, for jump-starting vehicles, making them highly practical. How can you choose a suitable start power supply for yourself?  Here AMPROAD share with you the key points that need to be paid attention to.


  1. Starting Current

The starting current is the parameter most directly related to the performance of an emergency power source. Please note that this refers to the starting current, not the peak current. The higher this value, the greater the ability to start a car. Currently, mainstream products on the market generally have a starting current of around 200-500A. Under normal conditions, starting vehicles with engine displacements of 4.0L to 6.0L or less is usually not a problem. However, if you plan to use it in cold environments, its effectiveness may be reduced, so it is advisable to choose a product with a higher vehicle battery jump starter.


  1. Battery Cell Configuration

Currently, most similar battery jumps on the market use combinations of 3 and 4 battery cells in series. We recommend choosing products with 4 battery cells. This is because, under the same starting current, a 4-cell configuration can reduce the overall size of the power bank, making the product more compact and portable. Typically, product specifications do not mention the battery cell configuration, so you may need to consult with customer service for specific details.


  1. Input and Output

Since it can be used as a power bank, the standard input and output capabilities are also important, focusing on speed and interfaces. In terms of speed, it is recommended to choose products that support fast charging, which will quickly replenish the power bank's capacity and provide fast charging for other devices. Regarding interfaces, it is advisable to select products with both USB Type-C and USB Type-A ports, making them more versatile.


  1. Battery Capacity

Because you need to ensure a higher starting current, the battery capacity of these products is usually above 10,000mAh. As a power bank, higher battery capacity is always better, and greater capacity allows for more jump-starts. However, these products are primarily intended for emergency use, and the demand for battery capacity is not particularly high. We recommend that you choose based on your specific needs."