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Features To Consider In Jump Starters

Sep 10, 2023

Features To Consider In Jump Starters

Charge Time - This both relates to how long the internal power reservoir takes to charge your car, and how long it takes to charge on its own. If you plug into the wall, on average, it will take about five to six hours to get a full charge.


USB Chargers - These manufacturers know that everyone has some sort of a lightning charge cable device or a micro USB-ready phone, so they add two to three USB 3.0 charging ports (for speed). You can charge your phone in a hurry, since your car charger isn’t going to work, and call for help if you’re not able to actually jump the battery.


Overcharge Protection - Overheating is a problem, because running that much power through any line all at once is going to cause some problems outside of industrial or commercial equipment. Overheating can not only cause you to encounter burns, but it can actually overcharge the unit to the point of explosion (that’s very rare, but it’s possible). Surge or overcharge protection is a must-have.


Amp Peak/Operating Amps - The more amps you can output, the faster you can charge your car battery (for plug-ins). But the more amps you have, the more overcharge protection you need, and thus the more expensive you charger is going to be. The amp output and peak rating will define what type of vehicles you’re able to charge with it. If you have a small compact car, like a Toyota Camry, then you can go with a lower total amp package and be totally okay. Your current vehicle, or the vehicle you’re buying this for, will define your required amp range.


Added Features - Add-ons like SOS flashlights and strobe lights can work wonders for jump box units if you’re trapped on the side of the road, and the battery just will not take the juice. That means your battery is dead, and your alternator has had enough. It’s not a situation anyone wants to be in, but if you are stuck in it, there’s at least a way to flag down passers-by for some help.


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