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The first time to buy new energy vehicle charging station must know 9 questions

Oct 12, 2023

The first time to buy new energy vehicle charging station must know 9 questions

The first time to buy a charging station must have a lot of questions, to help you answer:



1, to buy new energy vehicles, must install charging stations?


Looking at personal choice, the best condition is to install ev home charger, the ev charging station for home not only charge the battery almost no virtual electricity, but also more conducive to extending the life of the ev’s battery.



  1. How to choose the power of charging station?


Home AC charging station is divided into several types:



The mainstream is 7kW, 11kW, 21kW, which can be simply understood as the charging speed, the greater the power, the faster the charging.



7kW represents a full charge of 7 KWH in one hour, which is equivalent to about 40km


11kW represents 11 kilowatt-hours of charge in one hour, equivalent to about 60 kilometers


21kW represents 21 kilowatt-hours of charge in one hour, equivalent to about 120 kilometers



From the perspective of cost-effective and convenient installation, 7kW power is enough for ordinary new energy vehicles.

A fast ev charger is for quick external recharging at home, Not only is fast ev charger more affordable, but it also provides better performance and causes less damage to the battery.



3, I am currently renting a place to live and don't have a designated parking space at home , Can I install a charging station?


Meet certain conditions can be installed:


The landlord should have a proprietary parking space and also rent it to you


The landlord needs to let you install charging stations on his property


The site where you need to install charging stations must meet safety conditions



  1. Must the charging station be installed in the underground garage? Can you install it in the open air?


Charging stations can be installed in the open air ✌🏻


In actual use, there are a lot of charging stations are installed in the open environment, the open environment will inevitably suffer from wind, rain and sun, coupled with the uneven quality and standards of early charging station products, virtually increased security risks. Therefore, be sure to choose a charging station with high protection level.


  1. Can the charging station be removed after installation? What if you move, do you need to go through the process again to apply for installation?


If you can contact the previous installation company to relocate and install, you need to pay additional dismantling fees and installation fees.



6, the car has not arrived, can I install the charging station first?


It can be installed after booking a car or a new car for transportation or allocation




  1. Do new energy vehicles need maintenance?


It must be, whether pure electric models or hybrid models, they need regular maintenance, but the maintenance cost will be much lower than that of fuel vehicles 🚗



  1. Does it cost to apply for a meter?


Application is free.



9, Can the brand charging station be universal? For example, I have a charging station for my Ford F-150 Lightning, can I charge VW ID.4?


Of course, as long as the new energy vehicles sold in north america are J1772 charging port.


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