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How many of the top 8 bad trolley driving habits do you have?

Oct 12, 2023

How many of the top 8 bad trolley driving habits do you have?

Now, more and more people like to open new energy EVs, but there are many owners have some bad habits of driving EVs, the following summarized some of the most common 8 bad habits, see how many you?




Often wait until the charge is below 20% before charging


The battery is very important for the EV, so the maintenance of the battery should be paid attention to!


(1) It is recommended to charge when the power is not less than 20%, and keep the battery power between 20% and 90%, which can improve the battery life! Do not wait until the power is too low to find a charging pile, not only worry about the vehicle without power, but also the battery damage is relatively large.


(2) In addition, avoid overcharging. General charging pile, when the battery charging amount reaches about 90%, it will enter the trickle charging stage, then the charging speed is relatively slow, if often overcharging, it will also cause damage to the battery, you can set the charging limit on the car screen.




Often accelerate or decelerate sharply


When starting and going uphill, electric vehicles should try to avoid acceleration and formation of instantaneous large current discharge. The high current discharge can easily lead to the crystallization of the solution in the battery, which damages the physical properties of the battery plate. Steady speed driving vehicles should slowly accelerate, avoid high speed, can be uniform speed, as far as possible to reduce rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, quick car, to save energy consumption, gentle driving can help the owner to extend the range.




Thought EVs didn't need maintenance


In fact, EVs also need to be maintained very much, but it is not as complicated as the maintenance of oil vehicles. It is recommended to use the car for 5000 km /6 months, carry out the first protection, supplement the washing liquid, and replace the vulnerable parts; Car 10000 km /1 year, replace the air conditioning filter; Use 40000 km /2 years, to check whether the brake fluid needs to be replaced.



Car wash in the hot sun


Car washing under the hot sun, water droplets will form a convex lens effect on the car paint, resulting in local high temperature. Over time, the paint will lose its luster. So it is recommended that you can wash your car in the morning or evening.



Pursue the ultimate driving experience


Because the EV is silky, many owners like the sport mode and the feeling it brings. But in fact, the gentle and smooth driving mode can also extend the battery life.



Long-term parking beware of loss of power


If your vehicle needs long-term (more than 2 months) parking, to disconnect the low-voltage battery negative, it is recommended to park the battery power at 50%-80%, because the power battery has white discharge characteristics, according to the experiment, the average parking 1 month will have 4%-5% of the power consumption, if charging is convenient, it is recommended that 1-2 months of the power battery for a charge and discharge. Avoid battery performance degradation caused by long-term parking.




Don't focus on tire pressure


This is the same as the fuel car, the tire pressure of the wheel needs to be checked regularly, when the tire pressure is not good, it will affect the vehicle handling and endurance, but also aggravate the tire wear, and will help our driving safety.




Wires and circuits are not checked frequently


When using new energy vehicles, it is necessary to check the wires and circuits frequently, and strive for the electrical components to be water-free and ash free to prevent circuit problems in the vehicle. In the process of using the car, if there is a problem, it is necessary to check and maintain the 4S shop in time.


to buy new energy vehicles, must install charging piles?


When considering personal choice, the best option is to install an ev home charger. This charging unit not only consumes minimal electricity but also contributes to extending the lifespan of the EV‘s battery


A fast ev charger is for quick external recharging at home, Not only is fast ev charger more affordable, but it also provides better performance and causes less damage to the battery.


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