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How do i claim ev charger tax credit

Sep 26, 2023

How do i claim ev charger tax credit

New engry plug-in electric vehicles are a cleaner alternative to traditional vehicles, and with generous purchasing subsidies and lower fuel and operating costs, they can also be a cheaper alternative too. So more and more people prefer to install ev charger at home,for it will be very convenient and time saved.


You may have heard word that you can get a federal tax credit for installing a home electric vehicle charging station. We want to help you claim that ev charger tax credit. We will share with you the steps on how to claim it when filing your taxes.

1.Purchase a home EV Charger

Any 90-250volt level 2 charging station qualifies for the credit. There are many brands of portal ev charger level 2 on the market, it’d be nice to check the consumer reports and read their reviews on level 2 chargers.Here we recommend a very famous and hot-selling 2023 ev charger for you,it is iFlow P9 level 2 ev home charger from Amproad who is a professional ev charger manufacturer located in Canada, focused on North America market.iFlow 9 is not only with high quanltiy but also with very good price which will be good choice.


  1. Install EV charger

We recommend getting a few quotes from electricians who have experience installing at-home charging stations and then choose the best person.It will help lead you into the right direction.Most mobile ev charger will had a app which help you to follow the charging information when needed.


3.Keep Your Receipts

Keep your receipts in a safe spot, when tax time comes,it will be easy for youto find the receipts. So please make sure you save the receipt from purchasing the charging station as well as an invoice from the electrician.


  1. Tax Form

After you have completed the full tax return, please try to fill in the 8911 form. You will need to know your tax liability to calculate the credit. If you have further questions about the 8911 form and filing your taxes, we recommend aks your CPA or a Tax Preparer for detailed help.


5.Send In Your Taxes:

Send your tax forms along with your receipts to show what you spent on your ev charger and installation. Your tax liability will be lowered by the credit you qualify for!



This credit is retroactive through 2018, if you previously purchased a level 2 home charger, you can still claim the credit. This will require filing an amended tax return. We recommend getting in touch with a CPA or a Tax Preparer to help you with an amended return.


Finally please care that the above content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as tax advice. Amproad cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for the federal tax credit and is not responsible for any issues that may arise from your application for the tax credit, including your failure to receive the tax credit. Please consult a tax professional regarding your eligibility for the tax credit.

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