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What is the difference between a jump starter and a car battery charger?

Sep 03, 2023

What is the difference between a jump starter and a battery charger?

A jump starter simply provides a jolt of power to a vehicle's battery, providing the vehicle with enough juice to start the car on its own. Battery chargers provide a slow, steady trickle to the battery to top it off over a much longer period of time and then maintain that charge. Jump starters do not charge the battery significantly—that's where the vehicle's alternator comes in.

We talked to the experts at Optima batteries about this, and they recommend using a battery charger as soon as possible if you don’t need to jump your vehicle. Alternators aren't designed to recover deeply discharged batteries, and doing so can decrease the life span of both the alternator and battery. In short, jump the vehicle, get where you need to go, and then put your battery on a charger for best results.

Can you store a jump starter in your vehicle?

Yes, especially the smaller lithium-ion portable jump starter—that's what they're designed for. Store it in your glove box, under the seat, in the trunk, wherever you can find room. Just note that extremely cold temperatures can weaken its potency, so we recommend recharging it every six months or so, just in case.

Portable jump starters are quite simple to compare to one another. These devices, sometimes called battery jump starters, are essentially heavy-duty backup batteries equipped with jumper cables, so take into account metrics like capacity, amperage, and interface ports.

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  • 4,000 peak cranking amps
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  • Build-in emergency LED functions : flashlight, SOS, strobe
  • A 12-volt port to power DC devices
  • Reverse Polarity Protection & Spark proof technology
  • EVA shake-proof carrying case