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How to use a Car Jumper starter?

Aug 22, 2023

How to use a Car Jumper starter

Portable car jump starters are mysteriously little boxes, and they can be the most handy-dandy objects you keep in your vehicle. These devices are there for when everything goes wrong and your battery is deader than a dodo. But other than just plugging them into a wall and then attaching the leads, how to use a car jumper starter?

Think of a jump-starter as a handheld rechargeable battery. Within the jump-starter’s case is a series of battery cells that can hold a charge. Charging is essentially like you’d charge any other battery, in that you’d connect it to a wall—via a USB cable to an outlet for the Athena—or through your car’s 12V outlet. 


Here are the tips about how to us a Car Jumper starter:

1: Turn the car off and remove the keys from the ignition

2: Connect the RED positive cable to the positive terminal on the battery

3: Connect the BLACK negative cable to the engine block or a non-conductive piece of metal in your car

4: Once your cable clamps are in the right place, you can turn on your portable jump starter. Do not turn on your car’s ignition yet

5: After a few minutes have passed and you have allowed the jump starter to promote the flow of electricity from the device into the battery of your car, you can attempt to start the engine

Assuming all goes well and your vehicle is now running, you can turn off the jump starter, disconnect the negative and positive cables and secure them to the jump box.

Please note, the steps above demonstrate how most car jump starters will work. Please always read the manufacturers manual for your specific model and take safety precautions into consideration before attempting to jump start your vehicle.

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