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What are the misunderstanding of new energy vehicle charging?

Oct 24, 2023

What are the misunderstanding of new energy vehicle charging?

The following are several behaviors that harm batteries, and see if you have been shot?

First, frequent use of fast charge or supercharge port

Because fast charging is to accelerate the charging efficiency in a short period of time, it will increase the battery temperature, and accelerate the polarization of the cell in the case of fast charging of the battery, affecting the battery life.


Therefore, try to use 110v slow charge to avoid the frequent use of fast charging piles to bring too much pressure to the battery.

Second, the battery is almost exhausted before charging

This is bad for battery life. When the battery is charged, especially when the power is very small, the charging speed is fast, the charging voltage is high, and the charging current is large.


Such a charging state will cause the battery temperature to rise, and even cause battery charging damage.


In addition, charging when the battery is nearly exhausted will also leave the battery in a state of excessive discharge, which will also shorten the life of the battery.




Third, pursue the ultimate driving experience


Because the car is silky, many owners prefer the sport mode.


But in fact, the gentle and smooth driving mode can extend the battery life, and the damage to the battery of new energy vehicles is also small.




Fourth, the temperature is too high or too low


The use of new energy charging piles when the ambient temperature is too high or too low will also have a great impact on battery life. Therefore, it should be used in a suitable temperature range.




Finally, do not pay attention to regular maintenance of the battery


Some people always say that new energy vehicles do not need maintenance, but every car needs regular maintenance. Generally, the first guarantee is about 5,000 kilometers, and then it is maintained every 10,000 kilometers.


Carry out battery physical examination to effectively ensure the health of the battery in the appropriate temperature range.


To buy new energy vehicles, must install charging piles?


When considering personal choice, the best option is to install an ev home charger. This charging unit not only consumes minimal electricity but also contributes to extending the lifespan of the EV‘s battery


A fast ev charger is for quick external recharging at home, Not only is fast ev charger more affordable, but it also provides better performance and causes less damage to the battery.


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