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The Same Charging Pile - Why Is My Installation Cost Thousands More?

Oct 30, 2023

The Same Charging Pile - Why Is My Installation Cost Thousands More?


After purchasing a new energy vehicle, the next step for many owners is to install a home charging pile near their parking space. However, the cost of installation can vary significantly even when using the same brand and power of the charging pile. So, why is this the case? Let's delve into the key factors, particularly the role of distance, in determining installation costs.

The Role of Distance:

One of the primary factors influencing installation costs is the distance of the connection. Most new energy vehicle and charging pile brands offer free basic installation wire laying within a range of 30-40 meters. Beyond this range, additional charges apply, typically ranging from 10 usd/meter to 15 usd/meter.

Here's an example to illustrate this point:

Imagine two individuals, Jack and Michael, both purchase the same charging pile from the same brand. However, their installation costs differ significantly due to the distance of the connection:

  • Jack's parking space doesn't have a nearby meter box, so the connection needs to be established from the distribution room, which is relatively far away. The actual survey reveals a distance of 100 meters. In this case, Jack would need to pay an additional cost: (100-30) meters * 15 usd = 1050 usd
  • On the other hand, Michael's parking space has an underground garage meter box on the same floor, with a survey distance of only 25 meters. As a result, Michael's installation of the same charging pile incurs no additional costs.

Optimizing Installation Costs:

To keep installation costs as low as possible, consider the following tips:

  1. Choose a Nearby Parking Space: Select a parking space as close as possible to the distribution box to minimize installation costs.
  2. Collaborate with Neighbors: If your parking space is significantly far from the distribution box or on a different floor, and the installation cost is high, consider joining forces with other nearby new energy vehicle owners. Suggest to the property management or relevant authorities to add or relocate distribution boxes. This approach may involve approvals and communication but can be cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Select Appropriate Wiring: Depending on the wiring distance, choose the right copper wire specifications. For a 7KW charging pile within 50 meters, a 3x6 square line is sufficient. However, for longer distances, it's recommended to opt for 3x10 square or 3x16 square copper wire to ensure charging safety and reduce circuit losses.

In conclusion, understanding the factors affecting installation costs for EV charging piles, particularly the role of distance, can help you make informed decisions. By optimizing your installation and collaborating with relevant parties, you can minimize the expenses associated with setting up your charging infrastructure. Also, consider exploring options like fast EV chargers and EV home chargers to further enhance your electric vehicle ownership experience. AMPROAD, a North American manufacturer, provides high-quality EV home chargers for added convenience and efficiency.

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