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New energy vehicles have not installed charging piles, how to charge at home?

Oct 06, 2023

New energy vehicles have not installed charging piles, how to charge at home?

New energy owners sometimes encounter the situation of buying a tram but not installing a charging pile, and many owners have to go to the public charging pile at this time

However, the management of public charging piles is not standardized, often have to queue up, and it is difficult to charge a electricity bill. Charging has become the biggest distress of some new energy owners

So what is the better choice for new energy owners who do not have charging piles at home?

You can use a car charger


Ev home charger does not need to be installed, and can be charged anytime and anywhere in the car. It can not only be used at home instead of charging piles, but also be carried when driving trams to meet charging needs

Amproad portable car fast ev charger can be applied to 99% new energy models. In addition, it comes with a 5-15P to 14-50R adapter cord, which can be plugged into the home 10A socket, or plugged into the 16A air conditioning socket to charge, anytime, anywhere

Intelligent dual temperature control combination, the temperature exceeds 85 degrees will automatically power off, below 70 degrees will automatically charge, safe and assured.

Configuration indicator light, whether in charge or fault, charging status at a glance. The screen model can monitor current and voltage, power, charging amount, controller temperature, grounding state, charging time, etc., and control the charging state throughout the process.

IP66 control box level, IP55 charging gun head protection level, let go of current, lightning protection, short-circuit prevention, undervoltage prevention, leakage prevention, anti-overheating, we have also done many pressure waterproof tests.

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