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The introduction for nema outlet connecor

Sep 20, 2023

The introduction for nema outlet connecor

All manufacturers in the United States comply with the standards established by the NEMA, which has created consistency throughout the industry. NEMA standardization identifies the different pin positions of plugs and receptacles based on amperage and voltage.

A NEMA connector is a method for connecting electronic devices to power outlets. They can carry alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). AC current is the typical current found in homes, offices, stores, or businesses. An example of DC current is electricity from a battery.

Though most of us are accustomed to the two or three pronged connectors commonly found in a home, there are hundreds of different connectors in industry and around the world. Each type has a different amperage and voltage.Most famouse by nema 1-23, nema L1-L23.

Current ratings in the United States are 15 to 60 amps (A) with voltage ratings of 125 to 600 volts (V). Connectors, plugs and outlets, come in a wide variety of configurations with different blade widths, shapes, positions, and measurements.

So for more detailed types, there are nema 6-15P outlet,nema 14-50 outlet, nema 14-30 outlet, nema 10-30 outlet, nema 6-20 outlet, nema 11-50 outlet etc.

Nema 6-15P connector carry AC with 3 pins,15A and 125V, commonly used in household appliances such as Air conditioning, dishwasher.

Nema 14 50 outlet for tesla Evs or other EVs chargers,it also carry AC with 4 pins,50A and 220V. commonly used in ev charger at home. Except nema 14-50 ev charger, there are also nema 10-30 ev charger.


Amproad is an north american manufacture focused on ev home charger, also provide adapters such as nema 5-15P to 14-50R adapter. If there are needs, welcome to contact us.

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