AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger
AMPROAD home ev charger installed in your garage
AMPROAD portable EV charger in your go bag
8 AWG EV charging cable
AMPROAD iFlow P9 EV charger for cold weather

Cargador para vehículos eléctricos AMPROAD iFlow P9 10A/16A/24A/32A/40A

▪ Un cargador EV residencial y un cargador móvil sobre la marcha

▪ Nivel 1 y Nivel 2: 10A /16A /24A /32A /40A ajustable

▪ Rango de voltaje: 90~250V

▪ Teléfono inteligente habilitado

▪ Enchufes J1772 estándar de la industria, Nema 14-50, cable de 25 pies

▪ Compatible con todos los EV y PHEV de hoy

▪ Compatible con Tesla a través de un adaptador J1772 a Tesla

Precio regular $359.99 USD
Precio de venta $359.99 USD Precio regular $459.99 USD
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Cargador para vehículos eléctricos AMPROAD iFlow P9 10A/16A/24A/32A/40A

Precio regular $359.99 USD
Precio de venta $359.99 USD Precio regular $459.99 USD

Cargar tu vehículo eléctrico a las mil maravillas

Velocidad de carga 7x

máx. 40A, hasta 29 ~ 36 millas por hora

Capaz de cargar un automóvil por completo dentro del período de tiempo de las tarifas de energía más bajas

cable sólido

el cable pesado asegura que toda la energía llegue al automóvil y que el cable se mantenga frío.

Tarifas de amperios múltiples

10A/ 16A/ 24A/ 32A/ 40A

Rango de voltaje de 90V-250v

Aplicación flexible

Fácil uso

Un botón selecciona la potencia de carga y la duración

Pantalla digital informativa

Gran relación calidad-precio

Experimente una carga rápida y confiable para su vehículo eléctrico con el iFlow P9. Está diseñado para satisfacer todas sus necesidades de carga en casa o mientras viaja. Cada cargador se prueba rigurosamente para garantizar una carga estable y segura para su vehículo eléctrico, brindándole la tranquilidad que se merece".

  • Misma potencia, mejor precio

    En comparación con las estaciones de carga domésticas con un precio superior a $600, iFlow P9 ofrece la misma capacidad de carga de hasta 40 A, 7 veces más rápido que un cable de carga para vehículos eléctricos de nivel 1. Sin embargo, iFlow P9 tiene un precio más asequible y le proporciona la misma potencia por menos

  • Un cargador de vehículos eléctricos para dos aplicaciones

    No es necesario gastar dinero tanto en un EVSE para el hogar como en un conector móvil para tus viajes. Con un pago unitario único, iFlow P9 puede cumplir ambos propósitos, permitiéndole cargar su vehículo eléctrico en casa y mientras viaja con facilidad.

  • Cable resistente y accesorios completos

    Con su cable más grueso que el de la competencia, el iFlow P9 garantiza un mejor rendimiento de carga sin sobrecalentamiento. También viene listo para usar con un soporte de pared, una funda para conector y una bolsa de embalaje todo en uno incluidos.

AMPROAD level 2 EV charging station for home


Disfrute de la flexibilidad del cargador iFlow P9 EV de nivel 1 y 2, diseñado para aplicaciones en múltiples escenarios, con potencia de carga de 10 A/16 A/24 A/32 A/40 A, voltaje de 90 V ~ 250 V, junto con un cable largo.

  • Cargador EV multi-AMP

    Teniendo en cuenta las diferentes clasificaciones de circuitos domésticos, el iFlow P9 está diseñado con potencia de carga ajustable: 10 A/16 A para disyuntor de 20 A; 10A~24A para disyuntor de 30A; 10A~32A para disyuntor de 40A y 10~40A para disyuntor de 50A

  • Amplio rango de voltaje

    Otro punto a destacar es su amplio rango de voltaje, que admite tomacorrientes de 110 V y 220 V. Puedes cargar tu vehículo eléctrico en casa, en el lugar de trabajo, en la casa de tus padres, en campamentos y más.

  • Longitud del cable de 25 pies

    La longitud del cable es crucial cuando se utiliza un único cargador de vehículos eléctricos para varios escenarios, ya que no todos los enchufes están a la misma distancia del automóvil y el iFlow P9 lo proporciona.

AMPROAD level 2 and level 1 universal EV charger

Mas detalle

  • Cargador para vehículos eléctricos iFlow P9
  • Soporte de pared
  • Anfitrión del conector
  • Bolsa de transporte todo en uno
  • Manual de usuario
  • Marca : AMPROAD
  • Modelo : iFlow P9
  • Ajustes de amperaje: 10A /16A /24A /32A /40A
  • Rango de voltaje: 90V ~ 250V
  • Longitud del cable: 25 pies
  • Grado IP: IP65
  • Peso : 16.46 Libras
  • Dimensión: 9.65x3.98x2.64 pulgadas
  • TEMPERATURA de funcionamiento: -13 °F~122 °F
  • Protección contra fugas
  • Protección de alta temperatura
  • Proteccion al sobrevoltaje
  • Protección contra la sobretensión
  • Protección contra rayos
  • Protección sin conexión a tierra

Listo Para Tu Vehiculo Electrico.

Compatible con todos los vehículos eléctricos y vehículos híbridos enchufables en América del Norte hoy en día, el iFlow P9 cuenta con 8 capas de protección de seguridad para garantizar una carga estable y una vida útil más prolongada de la batería. Los pedidos generalmente se envían desde nuestros almacenes de EE. UU. y Canadá dentro de 1 a 2 días hábiles.
AMPROAD ev charger charging for Tesla with a J1772 to Tesla adapter
Monitoring display for AMPROAD level 2 EV charger charging with Tesla
AMPROAD EV charger for all EVs and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Amazing for the price! UPDATE; Still great after 7 months!

This unit is extremely well built for the money!
I have a new Kia EV6 that is my first EV, and I had a Nema 14-50P outlet installed on my house to charge it, however I needed a charger that could make use of the full 40A current. This little guy does it, no problem! However, I shouldn't say little, this thing is built like a brick house! The control box is made very well, seems to have either silicone or neoprene bushings where the cable enters to seal out water, the case is made of a glass-fibre reinforced ABS plastic, which is very durable in all weather.

I have left this out in torrential rain and cold, icy conditions. It has never faultered in either condition, I am very impressed with it so far.

Now for the meat and potatoes; the charging experience.

The wifi function is great, you do have to have it unplugged to change any setting with it, but that's no issue really, as all of the multi-mode chargers have to be unplugged to change settings. It is nice because it has a built in KWH meter, that measures the useage until reset, so you have a total amount for when the electricity bill comes due. This is a very useful feature, if the vehicle does not have it built in, itself.

The charging handle is HEAVY, mainly due to the immense cable weight. The cable never gets even remotely warm at full load, it is UL listed as well. The handle has a metal release catch, this is great because with the cheaper plastic ones, it can be bent and pulled out from your car if some a-hole decides they want to charge when you are! It also helps to prevent theft of the charger as well, as they'd have to cause some serious damage to the cable and the vehicle to remove it when it's plugged in and locked in. The EVSE also has a function wherein you must login to the WiFi to turn on the charger, I have this enabled and it works great. Overall the cable, box, and charging experience are top-notch.

In the end, I feel this charger is very good for the money, I got the $100 off coupon so it was only $370~ shipped to me, which is a steal for this quality of product. The normal $450 price tag is absolutely acceptable for what you get, this definitely sets a new standard at the price-point. Very happy with this purchase.

***UPDATE*** 2 Months of outdoor storage (I do not have a garage) in below freezing, terrible thunderstorms, heatwaves with a head index well above 100, this thing takes it all. Never has water entered the plug, and the cover that comes with the charging handle to cover it from the weather is absolutely weatherproof. The cover has multiple grooves in it's sealing surface to ensure a watertight seal, which is well designed, as this is a well known design strategy when making something waterproof. The seal that also seals the gun to the port on the vehicle also utilizes this, wherein my cheaper chargers use a soft O-ring in an indent in the charge port. This works, but will wear out. The design on this will last much longer and provide a better seal. The seal also definitely isn't rubber, feels like neoprene or very high quality silicone.

I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat, I highly recommend this as an all-weather portable or mountable EVSE that isn't huge, but still way overbuilt for it's purpose.

I would also like to see this put into a 48A wall mount hardwired version from this company, maintaining the quality. If one of those comes out or there is a beta version, I'd be up for testing it.

Overall, I'd give this 6 stars if I could, there's not much better quality out there currently. I will update the reviews if there are any issues, but so far, smooth sailing.

***UPDATE 2***
Figured I'd give a 7 month update. The weather has turned very cold where I am, we're talking nights in the teens and twenties. The cable remains pliable, not as much as in the summer, but the exact same pliability that you'd get with any public station. All features still working a treat, the cable and charging handle show nearly no signs of wear after months of use, still tight fitting in the vehicle. This is definitely solid for the price.

Great charger/very reasonable price

Great value,Great customer service .Thank you Leo for your help with questions. I’ve been using this charger on 32 volt setting almost daily for about 5- 6 months without any issues.
If I ever needed another one I would buy the same one . I charge my 2022 Chevy bolt Euv. With it in my garage.

ID.4 Level 2 charger welcome

Took me some time to do the right set up from 240v outlet to Level 2 charger . Probably around 2-3 month? So far all is working as desire , very happy with this set up . Charing my new ID.4 at 40A with 9.6Kw output on charger and around 9Kw input on ID.4 screen . Says it is giving 29 miles per hour . Initially was thinking about 50A charger with 11.5Kw per hour but its too much stress on my wallet and on my 240v set up . I have 50A switch will is working fine with 40A charger and with 30 miles per hour it will charge my ID.4 from 10% to 80% in around 6 hours which is exact cheap enemy time in Chicagoland from 10PM to 6AM . This charger also has a digital display which is hard to find on these chargers ( have no idea why ! ) . Overall 5 stars for the Value for the Money !!!

Great Product and Support

This charger checks all of the boxes for me. It works great as a travel charger with the option to use on a wide range of outlets using adapters. Because of the 90-250 voltage range input you can use a 110/120v outlet if that’s all that’s available. I’ve used it on 15, 30 and 50 amp outlets and it works perfectly. Just make sure to adjust the amp setting on the charger to 80% or below of the breaker rating. As others have stated the charger also includes 10 and 16 amp settings.

The charger appears to be very robust and has a flexible, thick 25 ft charging cable. The display is not large, but it’s easily viewable and gives you plenty of useful information. The selection buttons are very responsive and user friendly.

I emailed a few questions after purchasing and their support is great. Each of my questions was answered promptly and thoroughly. It’s nice to know that the folks that that sell a product understand how it works and can convey that to the customer.

If it holds up over time, I’ll be a happy camper.

Portable heater
Excellent charger

This charger is better than the one that came with the car!!!